Google Ads, search engine and social media marketing

We develop and implement holistic online marketing concepts for you.

Online marketing of your products or services with kliqs

Google Ads

You will achieve prominent rankings especially when the path via organic search is blocked due to strong competition. Address potential customers exactly when you are looking for your product or service.

Google Partner

We are a certified Google Partner. This means that Google continuously checks our work and knowledge, especially in the area of Google Ads, and has awarded us the official seal of approval.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Good SEO does not mean aligning the website with Google. Only if the needs of the visitor, e.g. for information, are satisfied, Google is happy. SEO is not static but an ongoing process. For us and especially for our customers this means: always keep up. We analyze the current state, suggest optimizations and implement them.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn?

As is often the case with social media marketing, "just do it" can become expensive and inefficient. Every social media channel, like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, follows its own rules of play and behavior. If you don not know them, you will hardly be successful. We help to lay the foundation for successful social media marketing right from the start with the right analyses and decisions.


With the daily flood of newsletters, your newsletter must stand out in order to be opened and read. Besides the design of the newsletter, the content plays an important role. We support you in the development of attractive newsletters as well as in the control and optimisation of your newsletter.


Advertising is one thing, measuring it and drawing the right conclusions is another. There are many tools and possibilities to measure and evaluate the success of online advertising.

We support our customers in two ways. On the one hand, we help you to identify the right methods, introduce them and train you in them. On the other hand, we also take over the controlling or evaluation and support our customers with meaningful reports.


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